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Schedule of Charges

Sl. No. Types Of Situation Daily Hourly
1 Customer does not show up for upto 30 mins after the scheduled pick-up time One Day Rental Charged if informed later
2 Towing and/or impounding by any authority due to user's fault Actual charges plus 10% extra towards administrative charges in addition to actual travel charges
3 Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited recreational drugs Entire Security Deposit forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable alongwith any other incidental and consequential costs
4 Driving on medication which prohibits driving Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
5 Driving despite being physically unfit due to any medical condition Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
6 Any consequential damage occuring due to driving after an accident or damage Entire Security Deposit in addition to the entire damage amount along with loss of opportunity cost
7 Registered user NOT driving Entire Security Deposit forfeited
8 Cancellation If cancelled before 24 Hours: 20% of the trip cost will be charged If cancelled under 24 Hours of Pick-up: a charge of 24 hrs of rental cost shall be levied for bookings which are longer than 24 hrs and where shorter no refund shall be made
9 Fuel shortage In case the user returns the car with less fuel than the initial level of Fuel, then the user will be charged 10% in addition to the actual cost of fuel filled up
10 Carrying more passengers than specified capacity Full Security Deposit will be forfeited
11 If ferrying passengers or goods for a consideration Full Security Deposit will be forfeited
12 Carrying pets and/other animals Cleaning charge of Rs. 2000/- is applicable, damage Charges Applicable if any on actuals
13 Pick-up & drop at user's doorstep A charge of Rs. 300/- is applicable for one way + Taxes
14 Smoking A penalty of Rs.2500/- plus taxes in addition to actual cost of repairs for any damages to the interiors
15 Loss of accessories Actual cost of accessory + 15% administration cost + Taxes
16 Returning the car dirty Rs. 2000 + Taxes
17 Tampering with GPS Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, and any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
18 Driving over speed limit of 120 kmph Rs. 1,000/- for first violation
Rs. 500/- for all subsequent violations
19 Adding external branding to the car Security Deposit will be forfeited, plus any damages to the car will be chargeable
20 Loss of documents Entire Security Deposit forfeited
21 Loss of car key Entire Security Deposit forfeited
22 Extension Charges Informed Extension before 24 hours will be charged 2x of actual rental + GST Uninformed Extension will be charged at Rs.500 + GSTper hr & Rs.10,000 for Luxuary Cars (Fortuner/BMW/Merc/Audi)
23 Additional Kilometre Charges Cost of Rs. 5 per KM is charged for KMS driven in excess of the KMS allowed for bookings
24 Kilometre Capping For reservations which are less than 48 hours in COCHIN, a kilometre capping of 10 KMS per hour applies, for KMS driven in excess of the limit a charge per KM shall be levied

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User Policy

Definition of User

“User” shall mean any person who has agreed to become a registered member of Jiffycars.in by providing personal information such as Name, Mobile, E-mail, Copy of driving license and ID proof


The user of Jiffycars should be 22+ years of Age to use the car rental service

The user should have valid National or International Driving permit and should also hold Identification card issued by government body. (Adhaar Card/ Voters ID/ Passport)

User of our self drive car should also hold credit/debit card for making payment online. No cash transactions are allowed

User Responsibility

The terms and conditions prescribed below are enforced by the vendors who have listed their vehicles in accordance to Rent a Cab Scheme of Motor Vehicle Act,1989. The User should follow ensure the following terms and conditions are followed while hiring the car from Jiffycars.

  1. The self drive car should be used by a registered member of Jiffycars and should be the same person who have made Reservation in Jiffycars portal
  2. The User should not sub-let / sub-lease the self drive car or its use to any other person whomsoever
  3. The User is not allowed to take the self drive car outside India
  4. The User is the solo custodian of the self drive car during the reservation duration of the vehicle
  5. The User will be held complete responsiblity of any damages / loses which occur during the time of reservation
  6. The User shall be solely responsible for payment of any and all toll or other road/parking charges/inter-state taxes /permits charges as applicable during the Hire period
  7. The User shoud drive strictly in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the manufacture of the vehicle in the manufacturer’s manual supplied along with the vehicle and also strictly in accordance with applicable law of the land
  8. The User Shall return the vehicle, to the agreed return location and on the date and time of specified in the Reservation sheet, unless the user requests and Jiffycar agrees to an extension
  9. During an unfortunate event such as accidents , the user should inform Jiffycars through Helpline line provided in its website (Helpline Number : +91 85480 01000)
  10. The User should follow all the compliances mentioned in Schedule of Charges
  11. The User should pay all charges such as towing charges,impounding charges,toll charges,parking ticket charges during the Rental period
  12. The User is not permitted to use / drive the rented car:
    • To carry number of persons (excluding the driver) exceeding the permissible number specified in MVT Law
    • For illegal or unlawful activity or purpose
    • In any motor events / Rally / Convoy
    • For Speed Test / Driving Test & Learning
    • Beyond the Speed limit of 120 Km/hr
    • Under the influence of alcohol /recreational drugs
    • If the User is having any diablity which may cause his/her driving ablity or which is likely to cause a source of Danger
    • For Travel outside the boundaries of Republic of India
    • For Travel in regions which are affected by natural calamities / Terrorist active zones
    • For Travel in regions prohibited by law
    • Abandon the Vehicle after an accident

24/7 Support

Contact Details

Jiffy Cars
222, Nurturelabz,
Indiranagar Double Road,

Domlur 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
- 560071

Helpline: +91 85480 01000

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a car from Jiffycars?

Yes, if you are 22 years old and hold a valid driving license. You need to furnish an ID proof which should be issued at least one year before the pick-up date.

What documents do I need to furnish?

As per the law of the land, you need to provide a photo copy of the original driving license and a valid proof of address and it can be ONE of the following documents:

  • Voters Id
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport

You will need to show an original ID proof at the time of pick-up. This is a part of our double-verification process.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

Yes, since our tariff doesn’t include fuel cost. This needs to be borne by whoever is renting the car. We also expect our customers to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as the time of pick-up.

Can I drive the self drive car across India?

All our self drive cars can be driven anywhere across India. However, the inter-state road taxes and road tolls should be paid by the customer while crossing the border of each state.

Will I be charged for over-speeding?

The customer is entitled to drive the rented car up to 120 Kms/hr. Any speeding over 120 Kms/hr will be charged Rs. 1,000. (Refer Schedule of Charges to understand more).

Can I drop the self drive car at a different location?

No, you will be required to drop the car at the location you picked it up from.

Do I get emergency assistance at the time of an unexpected incident like an accident?

Yes, your safety is our main priority. You may call us on +91 85480 01000 for any kind of assistance during any unforeseen event.

Can I travel with my pet in the car?

You may travel with your furry friend at an additional cost of Rs. 1,500 per trip. Additional charges may apply if the car interiors are damaged or returned in a dirty condition. (Refer Schedule of Charges to understand more).

Can I extend my booking?

You may extend your booking by calling our customer care

  • Informed Extension before 24 hours will be charged at Actuals with 20% surcharge
  • Uninformed Extension will be charged at Actuals with 75% surcharge
  • Informed Extension before the start of the Journey will be charged at Actuals. Extension subject to Car availability

A payment link will be shared with the customer for further booking extension payment.

What if I return the car late?

We do give our customers 1 hour as buffer time to return the self drive car at the end of the reservation period. One Hour Buffer time is applicable only for cars dropped by Customer. Any subsequent hours of delay will be charged at actuals with 50% surcharge

What is the maximum liability if I damage the car?

The maximum liability for damages will be up to the total Security Deposit paid by the customer. However, it is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Terms of Use document.

For any further questions/enquiries, please write to us at care@jiffycars.in or you may reach us at +91 85480 01000.

Do JiffyCars come with Unlimited Kilometres driving option?

Yes, for all cities except Cochin. For Cochin, Unlimited Kilometres drive is available for bookings over 48 hours.